Back in Bogotá!

Late Monday night, my cousins and I arrived back in Bogotá after our two-week adventure in Peru. Since then, Elena and I have been sleeping lots (11 hours last night), and Carlos is already back at the airport getting on another plane for a family trip to Seattle, where his brother lives.

It was an exhausting last few days, but exciting! Our Inca Trail trek was incredible. We started on December 7th, giddy and curious for what was to come, and ended the trek four days later at Machu Picchu after lots of rain, fog, and challenging stairs. At least that’s where it officially ended – after exploring the ruins, my cousins and I walked about 5km more down countless stairs to get to Macchu Picchu Town a.k.a. Aguas Calientes. We preferred to use the bus fare of 41 soles for a good meal instead, so down we went. We’d already walked so much anyway, what was a little more!

There’s so much to tell about the Inca Trail, and I can’t wait to share our experience. I’ll be posting soon all about it! For now, here are some photo previews:

After taking a train and a bus to get back to Cusco, we spent one more half-day there, enjoying the sunny weather and shopping for some souvenirs. We then got onto a bus to Lima for a 20-hour bus ride. For some reason it felt shorter than the 17 hour bus ride from Ica to Lima – perhaps because we slept most of the time!

We hung out in Lima for a few hours, going for a delicious last lunch at a place called Mama Olla, outdoing ourselves with a ceviche appetizer, a two-course meal, and dessert. We rolled out of the restaurant to hang out in Kennedy Park for a while, a park at the heart of Miraflores filled with cats (aww!), with wifi, and with lots of people just hanging out. There were two groups of musicians just jamming in the centre so we could enjoy both of their music. It was a relaxing way to enjoy our last few hours in Peru.

Our flight left at 9:50pm, and I slept nearly the whole way to Bogotá, where Elena’s dad, my Tio Alfredo, was waiting for us. Crawling into bed and sleeping in until 11:30 the next morning was incredible. Once I’m over this continual exhaustion, I’ll be sure to post more!

Til then,